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Quality Control System at Agofa encompasses a comprehensive and exhaustive series of bacteriological, chemical, physical and visual tests; and inspections at each pertinent stage in production cycle i.e. from constant surveillance of raw materials, intensive in-process control of all manufactured parts and sub-assemblies to final inspection and testing of finished products.

The process is systematic and fully documented, involving trained personnel and most advanced tools and equipments. Under aegis of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) we have successfully installed and implemented a quality management system and are accredited by Zenith Quality Assessors Pvt Ltd. Quality Management System accredited by by Zenith Quality Assessors Pvt Ltd for ISO9001 : 2008 and ISO 13485 : 2003 and CE certification from ITC of Zilin, Czech Republic. All products at Agofa are manufactured as per ISO Quality System.


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