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AGOFA LAB is the brain-child of Mr. Arvindbhai V. Patel & Mr. Sanjaybhai M. Barrochiya. It came into existence more than a decade ago. Today, Agofa Labs is in enviable position & reputation. AGOFA LAB you can rely on confidently for quality without compromises, durability, commitments, timely deliveries, and what not.

AGOFA LAB is gradually emerging as a force to reckon with. Each Company of the AGOFA LAB is a separate entity and is managed by a team of young, blue-blood ed professionals who cannot put off their belly-fires. Each of the professional is backed by years of experience in his or her own field with excellent track record. But team-spirit is the essence of AGOFA LAB's continuing success.

AGOFA LAB's manufacturing units are fully equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and most sophisticated machinery. Take a peep into the AGOFA LAB's. Engaged in Manufacturing and Marketing of disposable surgical Medical devices.

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