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AGOFA LAB is committed to practice the highest quality standards and provide world-class products to the international market. To provide the highest level of clinical safety, AGOFA LAB has set-up an integrated plant having in-house facilities for Injection Molding, Assembly, Sterilization and Testing. Assemblies are done in clean-room conditions under air-conditioned halls to avoid contamination. AGOFA LAB's main strength is the constant vigilance and total dedication of its trained managerial and technical personnel. Today the AGOFA LAB team consists of over 300 people working round the clock to produce high quality Medical Devices.

Medical grade raw materials used in production are tested in conformity to ISO 10993 and USP. In-house acceptance controls are also established to meet the stringent demands of our quality system.

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Clean Room


Injection molding and assembly processes are performed in controlled production areas. Disposable medical devices are packed and terminally sterilized in controlled areas using equipment with validated processes and packaging materials. In-house ETO sterilization is carried out in conformity to EN 13485 Standards.

Q.C. laboratory has been certified to perform biological, chemical, microbiological, physical, stability and sterility tests. The Lab equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by trained personnel.

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